1. Claim your ticket. Because claiming the ticket before the festival will save you a lot of money. We offer day passes, festival pass, extreme pass and junior sports pass. Something for everyone! And not to forget: opening Sunday and Monday are free of charge for everyone, as always.

2. Secure your camp spot. You are aware that we offer indoor sleeping facilities, right? The old military camp in Bømoen can house up to almost 300 guests within a various selection of shared house or shared dorm. In addition we have a huge, soft, and very nice field of grass for all our lovely campers. Either you come by camper van or bring your tent. Our camp opens on Friday 23th of June, plenty of time to set up your tent.

3. Download our App. This is your pocket guide before and during Veko. Bus schedule, complete program, notifications, map, points of contact, create your own favorite program… everything you need to know! It is available for Android and iOS.

4. Sign up for sports competitions. Most of our competitions are now open, and you can register as an athlete and sign up right now! How about joining our Freeride competition taking place on Sunday 24th? This year we will find out who’s the best skiers and snowboarders out there, introducing our “East vs West” concept. As local Vossings, we obviously think West will win…

5. Gather your team for Horgi Ned. A skier, a biker and a kayaker. How hard can it be? Give your friends a shout-out and start the process of coming up with the funniest team name this year. As far as we know, Brage Vestavik has not signed up yet, so he’s up for grabs!

6. Plan your days. There are so many thing happening at Ekstremsportveko. Either you are a athlete or just a normie like most of us, you wanna get the full Veko-experience. Watch a world class sports competion, eat food at our mini food festival, get a job at the extreme job fair, try an activity and experience Todays Video and check out Röyksopp.

7. Sign up for The Honorable Citizen of Voss. You don’t know what that is? It is the most versatile, sexiest and most bad-ass female and male athlete at Veko. Enter as many competitions as possible, achieve good results, and make sure to act calm when you meet other contesters.

8. Sign up as a volunteer. Every year we need more than 800 volunteers to help us make Ekstremsportveko come alive. You are the hearts and souls of this festival, and we could not have done this without you. We have positions suitable for any types of persons. If you are keen on helping out on the sports events, selling food or drinks in the festival arena, or would like to actually work to make sure the volunteers are having a good time by joining our Extreme Joy Patrol.

9. Be here by Sunday 24th of June. Why? Because not only are we hosting 3 competitions that day (MTB Sprint, MTB Downhill and Freeride), but it is also the official opening day! At 5pm you will be able to see an outdoor opening show, no one has seen before, and to top it off, we will have a grand premiere of our new opening show.

10. Tell your friends! Veko is so much more fun if you have your friends to share it with. You will experience our world known “Veko mood”, and you will be screaming “we love Veko” by the time we conclude our event. Don’t have any friends? Don’t worry, we guarantee you meet some new ones here.