DNT Ekstremstølsveko

Activities DNT Ekstremstølsveko Fri 24.06 at 17:00 More information here!

Come join DNT Voss for Ekstremstølsveko!

Here is an activity for those who like to be in the mountains. This activity works in all weather conditions and suits people of all ages. Either you want to walk slowly and enjoy nature, or maybe run. This activity is for you!

In Ekstremstølsveko it is about going most "stølsturar" during Ekstremsportveko. 

To participate in this activity you need the booklet called "stølsturhefte" and a participant card. You can pick up the participant card at Visit Voss or the activity booking and information stand at the festival tent. At Visit Voss you can pick up the card from Friday 24. June and from 26. June at the activity booking and information stand. "Stølsturhefte" you can buy at several different locations in Voss Centrum, included at Visit Voss. This will cost 100 NOK if you don´t already have it. You will need this "Stølsturhefte" to know where the different hikes are located. The participant must be delivered no later than 16:00 on the 1st of July, and you deliver it at the activity booking and information stand. 

There will be a prize for the person who completes all the different "stølsturar" the fastest. We also draw winners from everyone that participated in Ekstremsportveko. 

This is a great chance to experience the beautiful nature around Voss. Bring your family and friends, and join Ekstremstølsveko!