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Activities DNT Yogahikes - Hangurstoppen Parking lot at Raugstad Wed 29.06 at 17:00 Sign up!
Activities DNT Yogahikes - Kolingseggi Liaset Sat 02.07 at 10:00 Sign up!

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Come join us for some Yogahikes during Ekstremsportveko 2022! 

DNT Fjellsport Voss invites you to join this year's yogahikes! During Ekstremsportveko there will be held two different yogahikes, one to "Hangurstoppen" and one hike to "Kolingseggi". Both of the hikes are for everyone interested and will have a duration of about 4 hours. 

A guide from Voss utferdslag will lead the hikes, and the yoga instructor will be Ruth Helene Garmann. 


Yogahike to Hangurstoppen - Wednesday 29. June
We meet at the parking lot at Raugstad, at 17:00, from here we walk together to Hanguren. The walk will go on a gravel road and some trails. At some suitable place between "hangurstoppen" and "røde kors hytta" there will be held outdoor yoga. During the hikes, you will witness a breathtaking extraordinary view, and maybe some air sports as well. 

After the yoga, we walk on and take a nice evening bath in the pond near "røde kors hytta". When we are done with the evening bath, we walk back down to Raugstad. 

Yogahike to Kolingseggi - Saturday 2. July
For this yogahike, we meet at the parking lot at Liaset, at 10:00. From Liaset we walk together to "Kolingseggi". The plan is quite similar to the other Yogahike. The walk will go on some gravel roads and trails. In the most suitable place nearby "Kolingseggi", we do outdoor yoga with quite the view of Voss. 

After the yoga, you will have the chance to take a morning bath in a nearby pond, before we together walk back down to Liaset. 


We are really looking forward to doing outdoor yoga on a mountain with you during Ekstremsportveko. So tell your friends and family, and grab your tickets before they sell out!



NOTE: This is an outdoor activity, and we can not do anything about the weather, we cross all our fingers for good weather, but must also be prepared for it to be less good. The hike will go as planned despite bad weather, of course not if it should be dangerous. When it comes to the yoga part of the hike, we must make the best out of it, if there is bad weather. Otherwise, our terms of purchase apply.

Registration needed: Sign up at the link above. If there are no more tickets, send a mail to aktivitet@ekstremsportveko.com, and we'll see what we can do :)

Price: 150,- NOK

Date: 29th of June and 2nd of July

Activity start: 17:00 or 10:00

Meeting point:
Parking lot at Raugstad or Parking lot at Liaset.

About 4 hours

Please bring:
Good hiking clothes, yoga mat, swimwear, a towel, food or snacks, and some water would be smart. 

Information about the activity:
Siri Flatlandsmo at DNT (+47) 948 39 239

Information about booking:
Ekstremsportveko´s activity coordinator
Georg Hernes (+47) 976 06 827