Try indoor skydiving

Come join this full-fledged experience and the incredible feeling of flying at our beautiful Wind Tunnel, VossVind.

Here you will meet the sport of indoor skydiving and get to try it for yourself!
You will get an introduction to the sport outside VossVind by one of our ambassadors before you head into the wind tunnel for a briefing by an instructor that will take you for your flight in the wind tunnel. You will fly beside an instructor and fly for 2 x 1,5 minutes.

This is a beginner's course. No other skills or experience is required. This activity is quite similar to the wind tunnel kids+ youth and WindTunnel adults, but the difference is that you will get an introduction to indoor skydiving and the sport from Amalie Hegland Lauritzen before you get to fly yourself. You also will fly for a longer period of time on each flight, compared to the wind tunnel for kids & youth and wind tunnel for adults. This introduction is usually not given and hosted by a such skilled athlete. Here you will learn and get a bigger impression of indoor skydiving and the sport. This activity is a much more full-fledged introduction to the sport of indoor skydiving. Amalie is a great indoor skydiver and she is a European Champion and has a bronze medal from the world championship, in other words, Amalie for sure knows how to fly. 

This is going to be a fun and exciting experience! Come join us! 

Stay tuned for more information coming soon! Please check back later, and grab your ticket. We really looking forward to seeing you fly during Ekstremsportveko 2022.