You have never been to Veko or feel like you are doing the same every year? Here is a quick guide on how to get the most out of every day and night at Veko. Hand-picked by our staff.

The Tuesday. Almost like a title of a Seinfeld episode. For the athletes, this is the night they don’t wanna miss.  But let’s get back to that.

Start the day with watching world-class base jumpers in the world heritage nature in Gudvangen. It is the 3, 2, 1 – Wing it!.

Find 3,2,1 – Wing it location here

Back to the camp, it is Festival Camp Yoga. Nice way to get down before you gotta get back up.

20.00 – head down to the festival arena. It is movie time. Todays Video is the most popular event on Veko, bigger than any of our headliners. And it happens every night.

Now, back to it. This is the day for the Bula Beanie Boogie Party. The picture in the header sums it up. Casual, but with very high ceilings. Turn up, get a free beanie and experience the fresh to death Veko Mood in the legendary Veko lounge.


It is almost time to get up, so go to sleep, before you know it it is time for Wednesday.