Ekstremsportveko strive to build a special Festival Arena every year. Given the limited time we have, 7 days to be exact, it can be called extreme sport, just building it within time. This years arena will have a lot of changes compared to earlier years, and we would like to give you a sneak peak on what to expect:

Circus Tent

We won’t bring any elephants this year either, but you should be aware that our circus tent is actually a bit smaller this year. That means, if you’d like to get a good spot for our indoor Opening Show, Today’s Video or at the concerts, you should get there early!








OneCall PitStop 

This year, OneCall Pit Stop will be an integrated part of our Festival Arena. We have upgraded it from last year, and it has several new, very cool features.

  • Concerts with Margaret Berger, Silja Sol and Miss Tati
  • Enjoy a pleasant meal from our Vekologic Café
  • After Sport with DJ, chill and a pleasant hang-out every day all day
  • Games and give-aways
  • Today’s Video every night at 21:00
  • Nomination and winner presentation of OneCall Stipendet every day at 18:45
  • Walls made out glass, meaning you can watch the spectacular sport competitions just looking out the window!
  • Watch the wind tunnel competitions as well as Ta Sjansen live on our big screens
  • Yesterdays Today’s Video every day at 16:30. Free of charge, and open for everyone!
  • Watch our BMX Dirt Jump Show which will be located just outside!








Bula Veko Clothes Store 

Our exclusive anniversary clothing line will of course be for sale at our Bula Veko Clothes Store. Make sure to buy your anniversary t-shirt or hoodie, and stock up your collection of your Veko clothes! Have a look at this years collection here.








Renault – Passion for Life 

Our new main sponsor, Renault, will of course be present at our Festival Arena. They will offer test driving, various games and activities, they have a few guests they would like you to meet, such as the talented Tobias Becs, and they will have daily competitions.









You know the drill: our Lounge is top secret until we open the doors, Sunday 25th at 21:30!