Our best picks for Tuesday

You have never been to Veko or feel like you are doing the same every year? Here is a quick guide on how to get the most out of every day and night at Veko. Hand-picked by our staff. Start the … Continued

Ekstremsportveko is moving to Oslo (for a day)

Saturday May 5th, you can experience worlds biggest extreme sports festival for 1 day in Oslo – completely free! When Voss & Ekstremsportveko captures the capital, things will be up-side-down – at Langkaia and SALT Arena you will experience some … Continued

Artists Line Up 2018

  Artists 2018  We are proud to reveal our artist line up for 2018. We dug deep into different genres and carefully select a line up hard to ignore in this year’s festival landscape. Extreme sports during the day. During … Continued

Brand new Festival Arena

Ekstremsportveko strive to build a special Festival Arena every year. Given the limited time we have, 7 days to be exact, it can be called extreme sport, just building it within time. This years arena will have a lot of … Continued

Ekstremsportveko vann Bedriftsprisen

Det vert kvart år delt ut ein bedriftspris til ei verksemd på Voss. Den verksemda som vert valgt skal på ein eller annan måte ha utmerka seg positivt i løpet av det siste året, eller åra som har gått. Dette … Continued

10 ways to prepare for Veko

1. Claim your ticket. Because claiming the ticket before the festival will save you a lot of money. We offer day passes, festival pass, extreme pass and junior sports pass. Something for everyone! And not to forget: opening Sunday and Monday are … Continued