Join the Veko Crew

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As the largest extreme sport festival in the world, Ekstremsportveko offers a wide range of opportunities for everybody wanting to gain a very special experience in your field. We have people working within the sports and in the festival arena, but we also have a wide range of admin tasks: PR, marketing, video, photo, HR, safety, accounting, payment systems, design, IT, concept/business development and so on. Some are management positions and some are in the team. Some are paid positions and some are volunteer.

Either way – working with festivals and especially Veko are the funniest experience you will get. You also will get a good network with friends and professionals – use this to capture your dream job or have fun with your Vekoteam!


Every year we need help from about 800 volunteers in order to make Ekstremsportveko a huge success. Working as a volunteer is fun as you get to see and experience Ekstremsportveko from a different perspective. You will meet a lot of people from all over the world, sharing in the joy of the festival. If you want to help us with volunteer work, we are happy to make you a part of our crew! You only need to work 3 shifts in order to receive a festival pass! This pass gives you access to all concerts and events during Ekstremsportveko. A party will also be hosted in honor of the people who work as volunteers during Ekstremsportveko!