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Bare Egil & Aslaks Superpopulære Barneshow Friday 29. June 17:00 - 18:00 OneCall PitStop

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Aslag Guttormsgaard and Egil Hegerberg have been playing together for over 20 years in bands like Hurra Torpedo and Black Debbath. Aslag is also well-known from various roles in children’s TV series such as “Hønsemannen”, “Lesekorpset” and “Kometkameratene”. Egil is known for television shows such as “Brille” and “Nytt på Nytt” and his own Bare Egil Band, which has proven to be of great impact both among children and adults.

Together they present a superpopular children’s show in the borderland between concert and theater. After more than 200 performances, both under the direction of Rikskonsertene, the Cultural School Week and various cultural houses and other concert venues, the show is well-attended, but with very much public involvement the performances are truly unique.

This is a very fun, but sometimes also a very challenging show for the children. Here, they often get their first brutal encounter with everything from irony to some unpleasant truths that they may not be used to hearing like children are actually a lot dumber than adults and that they are also very noisy. The latter is in many ways a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it is usually a huge involvement in the audience.

Fits best from 6 years upwards.