What Date Start-End Location
Bob Hund (SWE) (changed time) Friday 30. June 21:30 - 22:45 Festival Tent

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When Bob Hund 2009 released “Folk music for people who can not behave like people”, it was the band’s first studio album since “Stone Age can begin” from 2001. In the past six years they have amply demonstrated that they are the Sweden’s’ most unique, urgent and creative band. With momentum, they have also managed to reinvent themselves and examine what a rock band can be.

Bob Hund has since their return, including auctioning their instruments, arranged their own Bob Hund festival, written and performed music for silent films and taken over Malmö Opera for an art work which was broadcasted by SVT the spring of 2015. During the same period, they managed to release three studio albums including two EPs, a series of singles, a live album and movie “the double-exposed hiding place” that both depicted the history of this peculiar band and its creative process.

Also musically Bob Hund ejected themselves to push the boundaries. While the unique chemistry that can only arise in the meeting between the six band members have maintained intact, Bob Hund universe explored in search of new sound worlds and new stories. The result is undoubtedly the strongest they have created.

Bob Hund consists of the members Thomas Oberg, Johnny Essing, Conny Nimmersjö, Mats Hellquist, Jonas Jonasson and Christian Gabel. Six individuals who do not fit in, but fit together. Together, they create their own world where equality really reflected in all its beautiful diversity.

Bob Hund will play on Friday June 30th at Ekstremsportveko.