In 2019 Startup Extreme are joining forces with Ekstremsportveko at the end of June. Once a year, the most impactful and influential figures in tech journey to Voss, Norway to create Startup Extreme — a festival dedicated to bridging new relationships and fostering the growth of entrepreneurship internationally.

Startup Extreme is an two days experience of outdoor activities, world-class speakers, thought-provoking conversations, performances, and much more.

A step into the unknown

Who are Startup Extreme — really?

Startup Extreme was created by Startup Norway in 2015 with a mission to showcase the Norwegian startup scene internationally and professionalize the Norwegian startup ecosystem—ultimately, to support the next generation of great, world-conquering, Norwegian companies.

Today, Norway has the fastest growing tech scene in the Nordics and Oslo is emerging as a contender to become the next startup capital of Europe. Supporting the philosophy behind why Startup Extreme was established—the growth we are seeing in Norway only strengthens our belief in this startup ecosystem. Now, in its fifth year, Startup Extreme represents true startup DNA—real, authentic, and a little crazy. We love to create experiences that give you a “zen-like” feeling to take your mind off work but support your goals being achieved in ways you can’t replicate in the office, on conference calls, or at traditional conferences.

We are all about community and developing a bond that goes deep—natural connections that are almost spiritual.

We are all about community and developing a bond that goes deep—natural connections that are almost spiritual.

But why level-up the intensity?

In the sports world, extreme sports have long been thought of as the unconventional rebel and edgy alternative to mainstream pursuits. The essence of extreme sports is more about competing with yourself—facing your fears—defying gravity—moving with the earth. There is a profound passion within extreme athletes that you won’t find in other sports.

A lot in common!
“Extreme sports and entrepreneurship have a lot in common and even more to learn from each other. The definition of extreme sports is a sport where an athlete commits a considerable amount of time and effort to minimize risk. In extreme sports, you don’t get really good without involving other people and sharing knowledge. Extreme sports athletes are insanely good at just this! They always evaluate and share experiences and knowledge to avoid having accidents. Entrepreneurs have to do the same. Stronger together!”

– Kjetil Kriken, CEO of Ekstremsportsveko

Things are not all that different from entrepreneurs and early-stage investors. This passion to face extreme risk and succeed where others have failed or never tried are qualities found in every Startup Extreme attendee.

Getting more extreme with Ekstremsportveko!