What Date Start-End Location
Passion Ladies night with Mona Grudt Monday 24. June 18:00 - 19:00 Renault Passion For Life Truck
CANCELLED: Passion Ladies night with Mona Grudt Tuesday 25. June 17:00 - 18:00 Renault Passion For Life Truck

“Against all odds,” is a talk (in norwegian) by Mona Grudt where she shows and tells about the unique journey she made that 19 year old where she went from an anonymous existence to ending up in the spotlight of the world press. How did she handle it?

Mona Grudt was named Miss Universe in 1990, a title that brought her around the world, and which gave her exciting jobs as a participant in eg. Late Night with David Letterman, tour with Bob Hope, and guest roles in Star Trek and Santa Barbara. Later, Mona lived 6 years in Los Angeles, where she studied for hours at The Acting Center, and worked on major TV commercials and model assignments.

She is currently working as a program leader, singer, conference host and meeting leader, and she fronts several major campaigns, including Garnier from Lóreal. Is co-owner of clothing brand Be Embraced, designed in Trondheim.

FREE talk, with limited number of seats (max 40 peps). Registration needed, reserve ticket via button or tickets in menu.