Voss offers a great variety of local food producers, and Ekstremsportveko would like to promote Voss as a genuine food destination. Swing by our festival arena to try out some local delicacies in our Vecologic Cafe and explore the food traditions of Voss in our menu!

Vecologic Cafe Menu 2018  –  Vecologic Lunch Menu 2018  –  Vecologic Night Menu 2018

On Saturday 30th of June we will have some extra food focus. You can start the day outdoors by signing up and joining Folkelig on their Outdoor tasting experience. A hike where they will show you simple and tasty alternatives to ordinary “turmat”.

At the festival arena you can get food and refreshments and even meet the producers. Join in on a larva chili challenge from Invertapro and have a chat with Vossakjøt.

Økologisk Norge will be hosting two talks in the OneCall PitStop. An athlete from the Norwegian alpine skiing team will share his thoughts on why athletes should care about how their food is produced, and a farmer will address if and how farming can stop being the cause of the disruption of our ecosystem, and rather be “the agent for change” back to healthy ecosystems.

Vossakjøt is roundin´up a barbeque with whole grilled lamb, and the Vecologic cafe will offer a feast dinner before you dance into the last night of Veko 2018!

Get out – and dig in!