Covid measurements

We at Veko take infection control seriously. We have a close dialogue with the infection control authorities and adapt in accordance with the guidelines and rules that apply nationally and locally at all times. In order for you to have a safe festival experience, we have introduced several infection control measures at our events and competitions.

This is what we do to facilitate that we all get a safe festival experience:
  • Make sure that you can keep at least 1 meter distance from others
  • Make sure that you have access to tons of antibac and soap
  • Ensures good cleaning at all our events
  • Ensures that all our staff and volunteers receive good training and information about infection control
  • Communicates infection control advice online and through volunteer infection control teams at event locations
  • Selling our festival passes digitally and scanning them at the entrance
  • Limited capacity at events and competitions
  • Facilitates infection control tracking through SafeSpot at different locations
This is what you must do to make sure we all have a safe festival
  • Keep at least 1 meter distance to others
  • Maintain good hand hygiene by using antibac and soap. Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • Avoid queues. Buy tickets online and feel free to arrive well in advance before the start of the events
  • If you are ill or not feeling well, stay home! We will have daily updates from the festival on our social media accounts - check it out and follow the festival through one of our social media accounts.

Note! If you are in need of covid testing, it is free for all. You can book online or by phone, read more here. Address korona test center: Lekvebakken 15, 5700 Voss.

Welcome to EKSTREMSPORTVEKO 2021, #LimitedCapacityUnlimitedFun