Perhaps a rude allegation to say “Let’s make Veko great again”. Take it with a pinch of salt –Veko is still great and always has been!  The greatness of the festival comes from the athletes, volunteers and festival participants. You have all been making Veko a top festival for over 20 years. It will be you still, that make Veko great in the future.

As a non-profit foundation, there are no shareholders – only stakeholders. Among our stakeholders is the local kayak, paragliding, skydive and rafting club. It also is the volunteer, the festival participant or the athlete visiting from abroad. Any profit goes straight into the sports and the community. In this way, a stakeholder is anyone who feels the love for this festival.

We manage the legacy of extreme sports, the extreme sports capital of Voss and the legacy of Ekstremsportveko. Our task is to serve you with the best extreme sports festival in the world, year after year.

It is a great responsibility that we aim to take very seriously. We sacrifice the old to move forward. This week you may have seen the classic logo from the beginning is gone, and our dear deer has been sacrificed to the extreme sport gods in Valhalla.

Ekstremsportveko with our extreme sport athletes is made up to challenge the world around us. So when we are creating a new graphic identity we must do the same. A new graphic identity is not just a new logo and new graphical elements. It is a manifesto and a promise to you that we will challenge the status quo. We refuse to just fade away.

But changes are not just a pen stroke. We got to work hard to show you that we will serve a better festival every year. And this year may be one of the hardest years that Veko has experienced. While financial changes have been a challenge, it’s forcing us to be creative and think outside the box. We never liked the box much anyway, so we are excited for all the new things to come.

Attacks are the best defence. Our new logo represents what extreme sports are all about. It represents the forces of gravity, pushing the boundaries and moving forward. Even if that means to go against the current. Even if it means flying through the wind. Or even if it means using the force that pushes you down, to push you forward instead.

The new graphic identity is a promise to you that Ekstremsportveko and the Extreme Voss Foundation are reinventing themselves for a bright future. Already this year you will experience a few changes, with a new and more personal festival arena and an extensive sports program with many new initiatives. We are promising a nightlife at Veko you haven’t seen in years, with unique club concepts and great headliners.

We are so excited to see you at this years Ekstremsportveko!

Sincerely yours,
Kjetil Kriken
Big Boss and your servant of the best extreme sports festival in the world

By the way. We are giving early decision-makers the opportunity to join our festival with a little thank you discount until April 1st. Congratulations on reading this whole thing to discover the discount! You are the real deal.