You have never been to Veko or feel like you are doing the same every year? Here is a quick guide on how to get the most out of every day and night at Veko. Hand-picked by our staff.

The Wednesday. Wow, you actually managed to get out of bed. Imagine the Voss locals going to work after partying at the Bula Beanie Boogie. That makes you feel less sorry for yourself.

Start the day with heading out to the pristine waterfall at Skjervet. It’s the Speed Trials in the Norwegian Cup at Longboarding. Your mind might be dazzled by all those familiar faces longboarding. Well, they just partied as hard as you did last night. The longboarding crew is the most renowned party crowd at Veko. Make friends with a longboarder and your week is set.

Find the location here

Back to the camp, just rest. You have now deserved it.

In the evening. It’s DOC night. In this relaxed atmosphere, you might start to feel that your stomach can hold some food. Get your breakfast, or a normal person dinner at our Veko Cafe and watch the sunset horizontally.

After Todays Video Anna and the Freeflyers will rock the dance floor.

Let’s look at Thursday.