The wait is over. We have a new assisting manager at Ekstremsportveko.
We interrogated her with a bright light in a dark room to find out of what wood she is carve out of. Here is short introduction of June and what she has been up to so far.

June, born and raised in Sauda, a small town on the west coast, close to Haugesund. Traveling has been a very dominant part of her life. After high school, she did two winter seasons as a ski bum in Canada. She also expanded one of the seasons and went surfing in South America. After mastering the art of surfing above zero kroners and still having fun, it was time for June to get a degree and she moved to Sogndal to earn herself a bachelor in physical activity, health, and sports. Lots of enthusiastic outdoorsy students live in Sogndal and after graduating she stuck around the area, worked in a sports shop and got to know the ins and outs of all the equipment needed. After 5 years in Sogndal June got an offer to work up north, and she decided to move, started teaching and played every day at Bakketun’s Folkehøgskole extreme sport line.

June heard of the vacant position at Ekstremsportveko through a friend. She was then in Canada and did not think much about it since her life was once again set on traveling. “But then I got injured and had time to sit down and think about what I am going to do” So she decided to apply.

The first time she was in touch with Ekstremsportveko was as a visitor many years ago. June then became a volunteer the next few years and eventually,she was the head organizer of the freeride competition for three years during extremsportveko from 2013-2015.

“I like when things fall into place when you have been working at it for a while. Trying to think of all the puzzle parts you need to make the full picture happen”. She goes on to explain that the Veko attitude is where people seek out ideas and try to execute them. It’s a ‘go-do’ mentality for the better or worse, time will tell. But this attitude is a great motivator.

We asked June about her personality and how she looks upon the world, she takes her time to think, reflects, mumbles and then comes with an answer. “I had many ski injuries and had to sit around. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I have looked for what I can do at the moment and that is what makes me resilient”.
Kjetil our big boss wanted someone to work with who is not like himself. Is June that person? In many ways, she feels like they are similar, but rather than being a counterpart she feels like being a good addition to another brain and set of eyes to round out the team. “I like being with people who intellectually challenge me with their point of views”
June believes she qualifies for the position at Ekstremsportveko because as a teacher you know how to lead, structure the year and deliver reports. These are some essential ‘dry’ skills you need to have here. But on the other hand, she has cultural awareness, is very well integrated into the sports environment and with all the travels and adventures somewhat street smart. She doubles down saying that this position is so complex that no specific qualifications fits. She smiles “Why they picked me is still somewhat a surprise.” Her smile fades and with a more serious voice “But for now I just need to use the time in the office to find my position, get structured and learn from my predecessor – I have so much love for Ekstremsportveko, I’ll try to do my best I know and the best I can to make 2019 a great event”

If you had a book to give someone to read which book would you give away?

“I am getting better at reading books in general” Laughs “ let me think”¬– “I like books where you learn something. So non-fiction it is. Some book along the way of mental training or I love when a book gives me a broader perspective, challenge my way of thinking and plays on my curiosity”

If you had a billboard for the world to read what would you write on it?

“I think I would write: Give Tons Of Love – or – Take The Leap”

What do you like doing in your spare time?

“I love to play, yeah I do. I love skiing and lately, I have been more into biking because progress is a lot more visible and motivating. If I need to get some headspace I usually hang out with friends and do something outside.
I like to try new stuff, just like a kid, I try not to shy away from exposing my weaknesses. I am not super brave. I break a challenge down and build up my confidence bit by bit until I am a master at it”

Who inspires you?
“My 85-year-old grandmother. Full of energy, caring and still living on the edge. She outdanced me at my own birthday party until the early mornings.”

What was the dumbest way to be injured?
“Crashing hands-free on my road bike” “ahh wait, no, it’s tightening the weight settings on my ski binding before a competition. The ski did not release and one knee released the ligaments instead. Should have know better”

Thank you for introducing yourself June and welcome to Ekstremsportveko.

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