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Inshallah means if gods willing. This was the motto for six whitewater kayakers as they jumped into a epic kayaking adventure in northern Pakistan in october 2021. The mission of the trip was to challenge themselves on the Rondu Gorge of the Indus River, which is regarded as one of the hardest pieces of whitewater in the world. In the middle of the coronatimes the international team left their countries in Europe and hoped everything would work out, or as they say in Pakistan - INSHALLAH!

The Rondu gorge is not everything the team experienced in Pakistan. Food poisoning, massive roadblocks, huge landslides, carnage and last but least; the warmest and friendliest local people ever. All of these amazing encounters made for a truly inspiring and one of a kind experience.

Come and hear Eirik Hansen talk about the project and watch the adventure unfold in the movie from the trip Inshallah.