River Whistle Blowers of Climate Change

Movies River Whistle Blowers of Climate Change Scandic Veko Lounge Thu 01.07 at 18:30 Get Tickets

A movie on how climate change impacts the rivers around the world: France, Norway, and Patagonia. Two kayakers cross the vision they have of the global warming impacts with some scientists and locals living by the river.

From Chile to Norway including a stop in France, Marlène Devillez (vice world champion of freestyle) and Nicolas Caussanel ( European Champion of Extrem kayaking), invite you to sit with them in their Kayaks for a good amount of action, meeting people living by the river but mainly watching the rivers as you never look at them!

A movie to (re)discover the beauty of the rivers, a movie showing what climate change can do to your local river and what solutions populations living by the rivers are finding to adapt to the changes.

This documentary will definitely give you more insight and some education on the topic. So come on down in the festival tent, and watch why they love rivers so much!