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More than ten year after the start of his solo career, that includes four to listed studio albums, two EPs, Årets Spellemann trophy, one US Grammy-nomination, sold-out club and arena concerts, and also playing at TV shows in the US, with likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Conan O'Brien, its time for Jarle Bernhoft to change a couple of things.


There will be a concert, but not a concert he is known for. It will be completely stripped down. No band. No loop station. No microphone or any big PA. Only Bernhoft himself with an acoustic guitar, including songs from his career and some new ones in a concert setting.

The inspiration behind the whole acoustic solo concept would be described best by Bernhoft himself:

"I get extremely nervous about singing without a microphone in front of my mouth. That's exactly why I need to do more of it. The times I've had the biggest kick of music are when the artist is playing away from microphones and amplifiers and using the room they're in. It can be singer-songwriters, classical performers, jazz or bluegrass people; the absence of amplification makes the presence of the artist incredibly strong. It takes a huge amount of courage and skills to hold the audience a whole concert without plugging in the guitar and playing loudly, but I am immensely eager to give it a go. "