Jonas Benyoub

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With a background from both Alf Prøysen and Samira Said, tajin and pork chops, Jonas Benyoub has a unique ability to convey messages through flow, metaphors and rhythms. Jonas was born and raised in Oslo, and has made a name for himself in the music industry for ten years.


He is often praised by his music colleagues and has been referred to as "one of the very, very best we have in the rap field" by P3. In the autumn of 2022, he was awarded both the "Star Shot of the Year" award under By:larm and the "Breakthrough of the Year" award at P3 Gold.

The debut song "Youm Wara Youm" was released in 2017, and was used in the NRK hit SKAM. Since then, Jonas has established himself as one of the most credible rappers in the country, with a track record consisting of features with, among others, Karpe, Tommy Tee, Lars Vaular, Dutty Dior, and Yousef from Madcon. He is also a solid songwriter, and has written songs for and with, among others, Karpe, Stig Brenner, Hkeem and Temuur.

In 2022, Jonas released his debut album ZeroLove, which went straight into the Top30 list in Norway the same week of release, followed by the album's second part, ZeroLove Deluxe.

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