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The successful Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz became world famous when the song "Am I Wrong" ravaged the charts in 2014 and has since then continued to deliver hit after hit.


The pop duo Nico & Vinz are the closest you can get to hit guarantees in Norway. In 2014, the Spellemannsvinnede duo had their international breakthrough with the super hit "Am I Wrong," which shot into the top charts worldwide with a first place in the UK, fourth place on the official chart in the USA, and Top 10 in over 20 countries. In Norway, the song was on the VG list for over 24 weeks. Very few Norwegian artists can show similar international success and only the Aha classic "Take On Me" has reached higher up on the American hit list.

A lot has happened since "Am I Wrong" exploded worldwide. The duo have become a little older, a little wiser and know a little more about the kind of artists they want to be. The EP "Black Star Elephant" from 2014 followed a concrete concept throughout, while the follow-up EP "Cornerstone" from 2015 gave more room for Nico & Vinz's musical exploration and expansion. Based in Los Angeles, the duo has bounced between two continents in recent years and collaborated with a number of well-known stars. "That's How You Know", which was made in collaboration with the American shooting star Bebe Rexha and the rap star Kid Ink, made its way onto several of the world's charts, racking up over 106 million streams so far.

In the US, Nico & Vinz have appeared on a number of the major talk shows, including David Letterman's "Late Show", The Ellen Degeneres Show and Jimmy Fallon. During the annual Christmas tree lighting outside the White House, Nico & Vinz were the only non-American artists to perform for former President Barack Obama and an audience of 20,000.

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