Opening Show

Shows Opening Show Festival Tent Sun 27.06 at 17:00 Opening Show

Are you ready for Veko 2020? Everything kicks off on Sunday with a celebration sure to get you ready for this big week of extreme sport, friendship, and fun. In addition, it is free entrance all day! 

17.00 – 18.00 Opening Show Outdoor
As a ritual we will have a spectacular outdoor opening ceremony with air and water sports ranging from acro flying, paragliders, wingsuit, swooping to kayakers putting on a show for you guys.

18.10 – 20.00 Opening Show inside Main Tent

After all this, you can meet & greet with the different sports and athletes around the arena. Ask them the questions you always have wondered about and find out what they are up to this upcoming week. This is an excellent arena to share experience, friendship, and knowledge with each other.

Come join us for a spectacular event both in the air and on land!