Name: Adam Persson
Born: 24
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Sports: downhill skateboarding, skiing
Greatest achievements: 2013 World Cup Champion, 2011-13 Swedish Champion

My mom and dad introduced me to skiing when I was just a kid. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. The speed! I really like going fast. Gravity! Gravity is fun. 
So it felt natural for me to start with downhill skateboarding. That way I can go fast both winter and summer. Perfect!
And both activities takes me places too. I love traveling, discovering new places, meeting new people and mountains are so very beautiful.

I always try to be as happy as I can be! Life is great!

Ekstremsportveko is something special. Doesn’t matter if there is an important World Cup race at the same time. Veko is always priority one. The people, the atmosphere, the surroundings and the roads makes this week something I will attend for as long as I can.