Name: Anna Moxnes
Age: 32
Hometown: Voss, Norway. Grew up in Swansea, UK
Sports: Full time skydiver and wind tunnel flyer
Achievements: 3 x world records, Current world, European, Norwegian, Nordic and British Record holder for freefly
Skydiving for 10 Years
3rd generation professional skydiver

Skydiving at Veko was always one of my dreams and when I finally made it to Norway, it changed my life!
I met my husband at Voss and Veko became a background setting for an amazing part of our story.

For the first time I realised I was not alone with all my crazy ideas about our sports possibilities, how they draw athletes/artists together and through our respective sports we get the opportunity to contribute to the wider community, participants of Veko create adventures that are not only interesting to the general public but truly inspiring.

Extreme sports week blew my mind, and inspired me to continue along my path, a path that has since lead me around the world.. and then some!!

Veko is were great people come together and do great things with sport as the platform and I am very proud to be an ambassador for a truly amazing event