Name: Brage Vestavik
Age: 15
Hometown: Mysen, Norway
Sport: MTB Downhill

My sport, hobby, passion and lifestyle are cycling and it has been ever since I started BMX / Dirt jumping 6-7 years of age. Now I compete actively in MTB Downhill (Norwegian Cup and Norwegian Championships). I train every day of the year. Most of the training takes place on my cross-country bike on local trails. I have created a dirt jump / pump track path in the neighborhood, where I train with my dirt bike. In winter I train quite a bit in the local gym and do cross country skiing, but most of all I love to ride my bike all year round! In the summer season there are a lot of traveling to various Downhill trails for training and competitions, it is the best thing I know. This year I will attend the Norwegian Cup, Ekstremsportveko and the Norwegian Championship and I am so lucky that I will do the test run at the World Championships in Hafjell. Since I reached age 15, I am also old enough to attend ISXcup around Europe. It will be exciting and I’m really looking forward to it.

When i was 10 years old I participated in my first real competition / event at Ekstremsportveko. It was a great experience for me to be part of something like that; lots of cool people with many remarkable achievements. My family and I decided then that it would become a family tradition to go to Ekstremsportveko every year. Ekstremsportveko means a lot to me as I meet new and nice people who has passion in their sports / extreme sports every year. It is really cool to see all the wonderful achievements and I think it is incredibly cool that something like Ekstremsportveko actually happens in Norway. I have many fond memories of Ekstremsportveko and I’m sure I will get many more.

See you at Veko!


Instagram: @bragevestavik