Name: Dag Sandvik
Age: 30
Hometown: Voss, Norway
Sport: Kayak
Sponsors: Bula, Zet Kayaks,Voss Kiropraktorkontor
Home run: Myrkdalen river

Dag has been kayaking in the great rivers of Voss for the last 14 years, and rarly finds it resonable to leave this Mekka of kayaking. The fact that Voss may have the best creeking on this planet and that Ekstremsportveko brings the world of extreme sport to his hometown makes it easy to just hang out in Voss only leaving when the rivers freeze up in winter. In addition to the love for big rapids, Dag has a big passion for racing down such rapids and will sow up for any extremrace or boater cross. Make sure you catch him on a well preforming day as his mood fluctuates perfectly with his place on the result sheets. Ekstremsportveko 2011 was a good time when Dag says he set the current course record on the Brandseth downhill. Dag claims that he doesn’t like facebook but we see him logged on almost every day..

´To me, Veko is the whole reason why I discovered adventure sport as a philosophy of life. I met a lot of these guys who showed me the joy of going completely into an activity so obvious without some overriding reason to be rationalized´. says Dag about Ekstremsportveko.