Name: Eirik Ulltang
Age: 28
Hometown: Òrrius, Spain. Grew up in Øystese, Norway
Sport: Biketrail
Sponsors:Sponsors: Peugeot, La Sportvia, Buff,, Evoc, Suunto, TNN Bikes, Sandvik’s Training, Schwalbe, G-Form

Eirik Ulltang is a professional trials rider from Norway. He started riding trials around 2000, getting his first trials bike in 2003. Eirik was the first Norwegian riding a UCI Trials Worldcup, ending up at 43rd place in Aalter, Belgium in June 2012. The same year he managed to place first in four out of five Norwegian Cups in the elite category, and taking the overall win in the first Norwegian Cup in the history. Also, he participated in the European Championship in Germany the same year, where he got 18th place. He’s currently ranked as number 23 among elite 26″ riders in the world (UCI, June 2013). Besides doing competitions, Eirik’s also an ambassador for the sport. He’s organizing a lot of events and competitions in Norway. He took the initiative and organized the first official trials competition in Norway, in June 2011 @ Ekstremsportveko, a competition he won aswell. Also, he’s doing shows and workshops, and hosting his own event, called Fjordtrial, a camp where young riders can train with the elite riders and have a good time.

´Ekstremsportveko has a played a big role in my professional career, as well as to the trials scene in Norway. Every summer something extraordinary happens at Voss during this week. Even though it’s a lot about sports and competitions, the real highlight for me is the Veko-mood. You have to experience it to understand it. The way all kind of different action sports interact with each other is so special that you can pretty much end up doing a kayak drop base jump to rear wheel bike landing on a slackline between two paragliders. Yeah, that sums it up!´

Instagram: @eiriktrial