Name: Espen Fadnes
Age: 34
Hometown: Voss, Norway. Grew up in Molde, Norway
Sports: Freeride Skiing, Basejumping, Speedriding
Sponsors: Betsafe, Dr Zipe, HEAD, GoPro

I grew up in a multisport environment on the west coast of Norway. From the early years my parents brought me into sports climbing, alpinism and telemark skiing. But I was born with a very competitive mind and loved being measured and compared to others. I started alpine racing along side with football and kept on doing as many sports as possible until I passed 20. The big game changer in life came in 2000 when I took my skydiving course. Being in air, feeling control and meeting people who had found the same passion became completely addictive. Summer and winter, in the mountain and in urban areas. It didn’t matter. It was all about skydiving and base jumping. 2001 was my first year at the ekstremsportveko, and 13 years later I feel I haven’t left. Voss have grown in me to be a place I feel at home. It is a magnet for adrenalin junkies, and people like that tend to be of immense positive impact on my mood. The week itself kinda peaks the all year awesome Voss positive vibe. Along side with airports I never quit skiing. Actually it has grown to be, even when its the one sport I have been into since the age of 3, my number one favourite activity. More than a month or two without skiing, totally sucks. Fortunately the week at Voss both has skiing, and a competition in freeride skiing. All together it makes the last week of June every year my annual highlight. Today I am a full-time multisport athlete and is fortunate to travel the world doing what I dream of, but I always know where Ill end up. At Voss, with friends and not at least in the surrounding mountains.