Name: Marcio Franco
Age: 34
Hometown: Voss, Norway. Grew up in Sâo Paulo, Brazil
Sport: Kayak, paragliding, speedriding and mountain biking
Sponsors: Double Dutch Paddles

Marcio Franco started kayaking at age of 10 during the summer vacation of 1990 at his family cabin by Juquia River in the heart of Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.

Marcio has long been devoted to progressing what is possible on his multisport skills. From his early days on mountains and rivers around São Paulo, he has consistently pushed himself to find a path that is true to his identity, his unique personality and his dreams. That path has taken him from the concrete jungle to remote valleys all around the world; from podiums to helicopter drops – and he has continued to improve and evolve with every step taken.

Franco push limits of white water kayaking, paragliding, mountain bike, and more recently speedriding, to name a few. He travels the world in search of new challenges, perfect mountain conditions and the pursuit of happiness. The past couple years of these travels have been well documented between photos to outdoors magazines and videos to international TV broadcast companies. He is the Brazilian pioneer paddling on dangerous white water and flying off the biggest mountains of New Zealand, Nepal, Austria, Swiss, Brazil, Malaysia and Norway to name a few places on this planet.

´My goal in life is to inspire people everyday to live a life of freedom, based on adventure sports in natural environment, eating healthy food, be kind and nevertheless chasing dreams. I was living in Queenstown, NZ when I saw an article in a kayak magazine about Ekstremsportveko and I knew I just had to go. There is no doubt it has change my life since I first came to Voss in 2010. Veko means a lot but definitely the main word is “love”. Sport’s love, nature love, people love, mountain love… so everything you can add love you’ll find at Veko. This is the most fantastic event I’ve ever been to in my life, such a good atmosphere, awesome vibe, happy people, the best athletes in the world all enjoying same feeling everyday by doing your favourite sports surround a beautiful scenery and gathering together in the evenings to watch the highlight videos of the day and celebrate on typical Norwegian way… partying hard and love deep!´


Instagram: @marciofranco1