Name: Morten Knapstad
Age: 28
Hometown: Voss, Norway
Sports: Paragliding, Speedriding, Skydiving, Skiing
Sponsors: OneCall

Born and raised in Voss. Started Paragliding in 2002, and participated on the Extremesportsweek first time in 2003. Part of the Norwegian national team in aerobatic paragliding, and competitor at the norwegian cup. First one to start Speedriding in Norway in 2006. Freefall addict and skydiver since 2011. Part of the airsportsteam Voss Ventus. My passion is air, snow, flying, skiing and to experience these with friends in beautiful nature. Outside playing as often as I can. Love to try new stuff and to push the sports further.

Extremesportsweek is the most important week of my year, and a big part of my life. Nothing can compare to the “Vekomood” feeling!
Instagram: @mortenknaps
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