Name: Tom Erik Heimen
Age: born 19. September
Hometown: Romsdalen, Norway, Grew up in Molde, Norway
Sports: Basejumper and skier

Tom Erik borned and raised close to the steepest mountains in Norway. He started skiing when he was five and still does that on a high level. Tom Erik has a passion for outdoor sports, he tries the best he can to get out and do some activities in the mountains, that could be climbing, speedriding, basejumping, skitouring, skiing, biking or other activities.

He started basejumping in 2000 and has been one of the guys who took the wingsuitlevel into new dimensions. He has more than 1200 jumps from cliffs all around the world.

Tom Erik has participated in many TV, TV-commercials and Movie productions. Some of them is

-“Birdmen” 60 Minutes CBS
-“Seven Sunny Days” Matchstick Production
-“Human Flight” Focused
-“Oppdrag Sognefjorden” NRK1, SVT2

The man love to be outside and feel the windrush in his face, and when asked what he will be doing in five years’ time, he answers:
I hope I can continue exploring the worlds best mountains and have a lot of quality time with my kids.

Interests: Biking, skiing, flying, travelling, photo and film.
The best thing about being outside is: Fresh air in your face, and all the different light the earth shows you.
This is how many days a year I travel: I Travel around 80 days a year
Why do you come to Voss to participate at the Ekstremsportveko year after year?

I like the Vossamood and the people. I meet pure joy and great friends every year. There is always some good stuff to do. You don`t need sunshine at Voss to have funf. If the weather suck, you can have a great party with friends. If the weather is perfect: you go out raging in the beautiful nature around Nærøyfjorden.

The atmosphere at Voss is great!!

What is your favourite spot at Voss?
My favourite is not located at middle of Voss, but we opened a new exit we called “Skjerpings” in 2013. Great, safe jump, flying pass huge waterfalls. That is one of the most beautiful jumps I have ever done.

I also enjoy our “secret” spot at the river. Hanging out with good friends and enjoy some cold beers.