Information for B.A.S.E. jumpers

When you get to Voss for Ekstremsportveko, email Amber Forte
to make sure you get on the basejumper Messenger thread. The messenger thread will be for organizing loads going outside the heliday and for giving information about the heliday.

As an B.A.S.E. athlete we recommend you have some big cliff experience, before you come here. Our cliffs have the same rockdrop as Kjerag (10 sec plus), but it’s definitly more “interesting”, when you start picking up speed. In Kjerag you track towards the water and have the cliff behind you. Here there’s cliff on your sides and sometimes also in front of you. If you have no big wall experience, we recommend you to go to Kjerag (heliboogie) first.

To participate on the helicopter day we organize in Gudvangen, to the exit Sparkling diamonds. In order to participate in the BASE/ Heli day you need to have performed 50 tracking, wingsuit or one piece BASE jumps from big walls (you will be asked to provide a reference for your experience).You are required to have a modern two pin BASE rig system with a suitable pilot chute for how you are choosing to jump. You also need to buy an extreme pass to be able to enter the Heli. 

This event has a lot of spectators and media coverage. If you don’t know the head of base, please write her an email with a reccomendation from someone who can vouch for you on this email: 

LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINT - ON ALL EXIT/LANDING AREAS LEAVE NO TRASH! (Do not leave rocks either, if you use that to pack your parachutes)

We will and must have a good collaboration with landowners, and respect their interests. We rely on all B.A.S.E jumpers, to take individual responsibility to avoid conflict of interest. In Gudvangen we have permission for landing/on the infield during the heli-day, this is a special agreement. Nothing should be left on the infield/landing. If you are unsure about anything ask the head of base. 


Hikers in the district of Aurland are advised NOT to access Nebbet, Kammen and Sparkling on the front side due to loose rocks at the top of the cliffs and the risk of rockslides!