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Big Air 2019 – TBA

Big Air is back! The Ekstremsportveko Big Air Competition is to be held at Fonna Glacier SkiResort. Fonna is known for excellent summer skiing and snowboarding, with one of the best summer snowparks in the world.

We wish snowboarders and skiers of all ages welcome to participate. There will be two kickers for y’all: “Fun kicker” about 10-13 meters and “Big Boy” about 15 – 20 meters to knuckle.

Overall award for Big Air and Lokst Utøve (cliff diving competition). We recommend all athletes to participate in both, to fight for the “best overall prize”. Do you like skiing or snowboarding and go cliff diving? These are the competitions for you!

Come one, come all!

Watch some fun in the snow at Veko HERE!