Climbing Clinic with Tina Johnsen Hafsaas

Climbing Climbing Clinic with Tina Johnsen Hafsaas beginner < grad 6 Tue 29.06 at 10:00 Sign up
Climbing Climbing Clinic with Tina Johnsen Hafsaas advanced > grad 6 Tue 29.06 at 13:00 Sign up

There will be two clinics with two different focuses during Ekstremsportveko. Both courses will be for climbing and movements on a general level, most transferable to bouldering and sport climbing. (so that tactics, power-saving and efficiency in technique II are not interpreted as techniques in the mountains)

Technique I (beginner < grad 6 ):

Focus on basic technique and movements in climbing. Balance point, weight transfer and footwork.
The course will be basic and important techniques for people who are new to the sport. How to break the natural impulses, how to use your feet best, how to make movements as easy as possible.

Technique II (> grad 6):
Tactics, how to find the flow, power-saving vs efficient climbing. Tips and tricks for climbing on the limit. The clinic is for established climbers with a focus on how to make climbing more efficient, and climb as energy-saving as possible. Both important factors for climbing to their maximum level. Here you will also receive tips and tricks that are important in the process of designing. The idea is how to establish yourself on a new level, such as going from grade 6 to 7. 

Digital Bouldering Wall, Festival Area 29 Juni 11-12.30 /13.00-14.30