What Date Start-End Location
Speed climbing qualifications Monday 24. June 10:00 - 14:00 Skydive Voss
Speed climbing finals Monday 24. June 15:00 - 18:00 Skydive Voss
Entries for Speed climbing qualifications
Last years success will continue!
The concept is simple, where there are two identical climbing routes side by side. The athletes compete on time, with the intention of climbing the route in the shortest possible time. Here the athletes have the opportunity to run the route 4 times each, where the best time counts. The top 8 participants from each class with the best time go on to a final.
After the qualification, the 8 bests from each class will compete against each other in a final. The finalists will have two attempts each and placements will be awarded based on their best times of the two trials.
The arena is at the world’s best DropZone, Skydive Voss. So you can hang out in the sun and watch both skydiving and speed climbing.