Athlete must read

It is the responsibility of each athlete to be updated and comply with the race standards from the AWP to be eligible to compete.


  • There is a mandatory briefing in the lounge at the Festival Tent, date and time to be confirmed.
  • All participants must use a PE-plastic creek-boat of serial production (no slicey-boat). The kayak must have a maximum length of 275 cm and a minimum weight of 18kg. There must be minimum 4 solid grab loops/attachment points for rescue and should have some kind of internal structure support and solid footrests. If you're in doubt about your kayak, read more about kayak rules on: or ask us in advance.
  • All participants must wear a white water helmet conforming to EN 1385 Norm, a white water buoyancy aid conforming to EN 393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm, and wear sufficient protection against cold water. 
  • All participants must carry a throw bag in the boat during training. 
  • We will perform an inspection of your gear and have the right to refuse any participants whose kayak or equipment seems unsafe or is not up to standards.
  • All participants must stay by the take out until 2 more racers cross the finish line