Extreme Kayak World Championship Extreme Kayaking Finals Myrkdalen Holy Diver section Fri 01.07 at 14:00 Get Tickets

FRIDAY 1st of JULY, KL.14:00
Holy Diver, Lower Myrkdalen
One round, fastest time (to be live-streamed for everyone to see)

Please note that venues in relation to the events are dependent on waterlevels, organisers will confirm locations of the events 48 hours before the event.



Welcome to the Lower Myrdalselvi, here the competition will be held the on famous “Holy Diver” rapid and section. This final section will determine who the kayaking World Champion will be. This is a solid class 5 section that will push athletes to find the cleanest, smoothest line to become champion.

The section starts above the dam, for our third instalment of our time trial event. The broken dam known for its technical entrance and difficulty to come skipping out with speed and precision. The short section running up to Holy diver is a compact stretch of whitewater consisting of a small one-meter drop, wave section and small slide before the run in to “Holy Diver”. “Holy Diver” is a steep technical drop that slides into an almost 90-degree wall that creates a big lateral wave at the bottom on certain flows. The lead out and final stretch of the race course is a 50 meter flat section to the line.

The section is roughly 450-500 meters long.

We start the race from slowest to fastest, Fastest time wins!


Parking is allowed at Myrkdal camping. No other parking is allowed.