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TUESDAY 28th JUNE, KL.12:00
Qualification: Top 50 Open / 10 Women / 5 Masters (age 40 +) go through to Semis
One run to qualify



Welcome to the turquoise blue waters of Raundal river, Raundalselva. This is the perfect setting for qualification to the Semi-finals, it is qualification round on solid class 3 white-water. The length of the course is around 700 meters. Here the athletes will have to show their competency, skill and endurance.

The time trial event starts below Bøfossen (a 7-meter waterfall) on Raundalselva, paddling through a long class 3 section that consists of flat water in between three main rapids on the section that finishes just below the road bridge over towards the farm Lindberg. One run to qualify for the semi-final event.

The event will have one-minute intervals between each athlete, this is to ensure adequate safety for each athlete. If the race is stopped because of a swimmer in the section then the athletes still racing on the course will get another opportunity to race again without disruption.

Green line indicates the start, Red line is the finish.

The course will be closed for training at 11.30


There is very limited parking at both the start and finish, and it is therefore not allowed for athletes to park at either end. Here you can park at either the school in Urdland or the famous Church takeout for the rafting section. We will be operating a shuttle service from each of these spots to the put-in.

Please note that venues in relation to the events are dependent on waterlevels, organisers will confirm locations of the events 48 hours before the event.