Extreme Kayak World Championship Extreme Kayaking Semifinals Myrkdalen Holy Diver section Thu 30.06 at 14:00 Extreme Kayaking Semifinals

THURSDAY 30th JUNE, KL.14:00
Semis: Top 20 Open / 5 Women / 3 Masters* go through to Finals

Run 1 – 10 fastest Open paddlers qualify for finals, 3 fastest women, 1 Master

Run 2 – Remaining 10 Open paddlers, 2 women and 2 masters qualify

* as the masters class is still an unofficial category this year, a masters paddler qualifying top 20 in Open Class can choose to race in the top 20 open class finals OR the top 3 masters

Location: Put-in of Lower Myrkdalen Semi-final Holy Diver, by Myrkdalen Camping (See location on map)


Please note that venues in relation to the events are dependent on waterlevels, organisers will confirm locations of the events 48 hours before the event.

Semi Finals -

Note; changed location! Holy diver is the new location.

Welcome to the world-famous Myrkdalselvi, this river is renowned around the world as some of the best white-water to be found, solid class 5. Its continuous and steep style makes it difficult to have clean lines all the time. Therefore, it is a great arena for athletes to push their limits. In previous years we have run our one-day kayaking event here.

For this time trial, we will take the top 50 athletes that qualified from the previous day.

Top 20 Open class go through from the semi-finals to the finals on friday.

The top 20 qualify in two rounds. After the first run of the semi-finals, the top 10 will automatically advance to the finals. The remaining athletes will get a second run where they will battle it out for the last ten spots in the finals.

Women: Top 5 qualify for finals. First, run of the semi-finals, the top 3 will automatically advance to the finals. The remaining athletes will get a second run where they will battle it out for the last 2 spots in the finals.



Park at Myrkdalen Camping. 

Toilets are available at the camping, and at the hotel further up the road. Please DO NOT use the area around the river as a toilet.


NOTE: This text is about the upper Myrkdalselva, and is not relevant for the semifinal and final: The course starts from a ramp above the first slide rapid, the competitors will slide down the ramp moving straight into the wave section above the first slide. Skipping out cleanly of this drop is a must to ensure a good time, moving into the flatwater section before the ski jump under the bridge. Athletes must ensure that the boat comes cleanly out of the drop for a good split time moving into the technical class 3 before the constriction slot. After the slot the river splits in two, and athletes have already pre planned their route before the last stretch for the finish line.

The length of the course is around 450-500 meters.