Please note! Update about Freeride 2019 will be released later. 

Extremsportveko 2018 will soon be underway, and we will be kicking off our freeride competition “East vs. West”. We were let down by the snow gods last year, and sadly had to cancel due to the sheer lack of coverage on the competition face. Already this winter has seen some huge quantities of snow, and low temperatures that we hope will secure us a fun and safe competition face this year.  

All competitors will be scored following FWT rules, with the criteria of line choice, control, air and style and fluidity being combined to give a final score. Technique will be viewed as a part of fluidity and control (ie: technique that is not academically correct will not be penalised if the rider is in control). There will be individual crowns for the best female and best male rider, plus the most important prize of all… Which side of the country, which side of the planet has the best riders? If you know a ski mad scot, or a snowboarding swede, then bring them with you!

For the 3rd time in a row, the 2016 “Rookie vs Pro” event saw the Rookie Team take the prize. We have decided therefore to give our elderly competitors a bit more of a chance to avoid further humilation, and as all good things come in threes, we have laid the “Rookie vs Pro” format to rest for now. The youth just had a bit too much talent for us oldies!
As such we spent last year coming up with a new concept: Who is best, from East or West?  Is it Sauda or Vågå? Norway or Sweden? LA or NYC? Edinburgh or Glasgow? Bang out your ganster attitude, the baggiest ski pants you can find and get your ghetto blasters turned up to 11. 


We welcome competitors under the age of 18, with express written permission from their parents/guardians. You can read more information on this by visiting the Extremsportsveko website.

Check out the event on Facebook, where we will post updates and further information for riders, spectators and our lovely volunteers.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there, as a competitor, a spectator or as a helpful volunteer. Even 2Pac wants you to sign up, in the immortal words of “Hit Em Up”:
“Westside when we ride, come equipped with game”

All the best from the event managers for the Extremsport Veko Freeride,  

Mathilde Friid and Fred Thomas-Bowman

Online registration: 10th of April 1200

Watch all the fun we do in the summertime snow!


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All the riders’ needs safety equipment: Shovel, probe, helmet and transceiver required.