Head of IXS European Cup

Hilde Strædet

iXS European Downhill Cup

Voss might be a hidden gem when it comes to Mountain Biking, yet in 2022 the iXS European Downhill Cup circus visits our small Norwegian town located on the west coast in late June during Ekstremsportveko.

iXS Race registration open 15th of May:
Our trail has received incredibly good feedback from the riders in the Norwegian Cup in downhill 2021. It got high speed, technical parts, dosages, jumps, and drops. It got everything a proper downhill run should have!

The preparations for 2022 are already in full swing - let your squad know and mark your calendars for 26. June - 3. July 2022!

Read more about MTB at Ekstremsportveko:

More information TBA!

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In sports without a federation, or where this is not decided or clear, Ekstremsportveko will at all times rely on its principles and values. That is why Ekstremsportveko condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ekstremsportveko excludes Russia and Belarus from organized sports competitions, championships and cups. Athletes and guests from these countries can participate in Ekstremsportveko outside of organized competitions, championships and cups, where one does not represent Russia or Belarus. The exclusion does not apply to athletes under 18 years of age (junior). If an athlete chooses to circumvent these regulations, one may be deleted from the starting list and/or the result list.