What Date Start-End Location
Brandseth downhill qualifications Thursday 28. June 10:00 - 12:00 Myrkdalselvi
Brandseth Downhill - Finals Thursday 28. June 12:30 - 13:30 Myrkdalselvi
Entries for Brandseth downhill qualifications

Please note!

Changed location: Due to the waterlevel we have decided to move the competition from Brandsethelva to Myrkdalselva. Parking at Myrkdalen Hotel. The competition will be held at Årmot. Short walking distance from the hotel. Enjoy 🙂


The Brandseth Downhill has been a repeating success since 1998 and we are following the same procedure every year. This competition is an individual sprint down a 400 m section of steep, technical whitewater. The Brandseth river is a difficult section and is only for intermediate/expert athletes.

Online registration is now open! Limited spots!


1st place men/women senior 4000 Nok

2nd place men/women senior 2500 Nok

3rd place men/women senior 1500 Nok


1. There is a mandatory briefing in the lounge at the Festival Tent Wednesday 27th of June from 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm.

2. Your boat must be a mass-produced creek boat of serial production with a length of maximum 275 cm that meets the latest safety standards to be allowed.

3. For safety reasons the kayak needs to have solid end loops, attachment points for rescue, and should have some kind of internal structure supports as all other boats have.

4. All participants must wear a helmet conforming to EN 1385 Norm, a white water buoyancy aid conforming to EN 393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm.

5. All participants must wear sufficient protection against cold water.

6. All participants must stay by the take out until 2 more racers cross the finish line.

7. All participants must carry a throw bag in the boat during training and racing.