Extreme Kayak World Championship 2021

Kayaking Qualification World Championship Urdland Tue 29.06 at 12:00 Get Tickets
Kayaking Semifinals World Championship Myrkdalen Thu 01.07 at 14:00 Get Tickets
Kayaking Finals World Championship Myrkdalen Fri 02.07 at 14:00 Get Tickets

As a part of the AWP world series, Voss has been chosen to host the World Championship in Whitewater kayaking in 2020.  Because of the repercussions of Covid-19 both national and global, this year's world championship is canceled. We're still happy to announce that the World Championship of 2021 will take place at Ekstremsportveko. 

The competition is an individual time trial sprint down a steep technical section of whitewater. This section is meant to test the skills and abilities of the world’s most talented kayakers on the rivers of Voss.

The world championship will kick off Tuesday with the qualifications on the crystal clear Raundalselva. This river is known for its green water, stunning scenery, and challenging rapids. Only the best kayakers from Tuesday’s completion will compete Thursday in Myrkdalselva. This section has been used for several years during Ekstremsportveko including the European Championship last year. Friday is the highlight. The finals will be held in a lower section of Myrkdalselva. The kayakers will paddle through the famous “Holy Diver”.

Who will win the honorable title “World Champion”?


  • There is a mandatory briefing in the lounge at the Festival Tent, date and time to be confirmed
  • Your boat must be a mass-produced creek boat of serial production with a length of maximum 275 cm that meets the latest safety standards to be allowed. We will perform an inspection of the kayaks and have the right to refuse any kayak not up to standards.
  • For safety reasons the kayak needs to have solid end loops, attachment points for rescue and should have some kind of internal structure supports as all other boats have.
  • All participants must wear a helmet conforming to EN 1385 Norm, a white water buoyancy aid conforming to EN 393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm.
  • All participants must wear sufficient protection against cold water. All participants must stay by the take out until 2 more racers cross the finish line.
  • All participants must carry a throw bag in the boat during training and racing.


Qualification: Top 50 Men / 10 Masters / 10 Women through to Semis
One run to qualify

Put-in of Lower Myrkdalen Semi final Åmot
Fastest lap

FRIDAY 02 JULY, KL.14:00
Holy Diver, Lower Myrkdalen
Two rounds, combined time

Men class:

  • 50 competitors - 2 rounds
  • First round: Top 10
  • Second round: 10 through

Masters class:

  • Top 10 from qualification
  • First round: 3 competitors qualify
  • Second round: 2 competitors qualify
  • 5 through to Finals

Women class:

  • The same format as Masters


Men (16+)
Woman (16+)
Masters (40+)



Mass-produced creek boat
Sufficient protection against cold water
Whitewater buoyancy aid
Throw bag


Qualification: Raundalselvi ()
GPS coordinates: TBA

Semifinal: Myrkdalselvi (Årmot)
GPS coordinates: 60.858190, 6.496975

Final: Myrkdalselvi (Holy Diver)
GPS coordinates: 60.833907, 6.460753


Registration opens: TBA
Registration closes: TBA

Any competitor that qualifies for the finals and does not wish to compete on Holy Diver, therefore, loses their spot to the next fastest competitor. Competitors that finished 21-25 respectively should be on standby to compete as we wish to have a full start list for the finals.

This championship is subject to the WADA anti-doping regulations. All athletes must complete the Real Winner application found here: renutover.no