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Head2Head Saturday 29. June 10:00 - 12:00 Mylna
Entries for Head2Head

To be honest: We had some discussions this year, whether we should drop the Head-2-Head Race for something else. But then, we quickly came to the conclusion that this race is just too much fun, too visitor friendly and last but not least also the race, which is most attractive for the common paddler that is not directly competing in the European Championships.

The only change, we made this year, is that we moved it from Lower Strandaelva (30min out of town) directly to the city center of Voss (Mylna). This will hopefully not only attract even more visitors but also more fresh paddlers since the course is significantly easier than Stranda!

The concept itself stays unchanged: Competitors are divided into in heats of max. 4 paddlers and try to finish the course quicker than the others.

The two fastest from one heat progress to the next stage where they compete with the fastest two from another heat and so on until we have a winner.

To make it the most fun for yourself and everybody else be honest about your skill level ;-)I.e. choose your difficulty wisely:

The three different skill categories (supplementary information in the sign-up)

  • “I’m Too Young To die” / “Can I play, Daddy?” / “Skilled”: You just have one or two seasons with paddling and the role is only working occasionally? No problems! Who said that you should not compete against your peers? (WW class 1-2(3))
  • “Hey, Not Too Rough!” / “Advanced”: You know how to paddle but are not feeling to compete with the world elite in paddling yet? Then this is probably the class where you find paddlers on your level! (WW Class 3-(4))
  • “Nightmare” / “Bring ’em on!” / “Inhuman” (WW class 4-5): You breathe paddling?! You spent some weeks of the year living in your car due to kayaking? Class V rapids scare you considerably less than normal human beings? Then sign on in this category! (WW class 4-5)

The level in brackets should indicate the type of river you feel most comfortable on.

The Head to Head is an open invitation to all kayakers, so we´re relying on each participant´s own judgement.

Mandatory race briefing: TBA


Race Rules

The racer with the best ranking position can choose his place at the start of the next heat and so on until all positions have been decided.

If two or more boats are tied in a heat or semi-final for a position that qualifies for the next round, all boats in question will have a re-run of the heat after all heats have run and before we progress to the next round of the competition.
The winning boat is the one whose hand touches the finish banner first.


There is a protest fee of 500-NOK, to lodge an official claim against any competitor/gate judge. The complaint will be dealt with by a jury, but there is no guarantee that the complaint will change anything

Contact rules :

BoaterX is not a battle but is all about the fine art to go fast and find the faster lines. For safety reasons it is also important to follow some simple contact rules:

  • Keep your hands on the paddle.
  • You’re not allowed to push people or kayaks with the hands.
  • Keep your paddle away from other people body.
  • Kayak – kayak contacts are allowed and it is possible to push someone offline by touching his kayak.

Violations of these rules or dangerous actions against other competitors lead to immediate disqualification


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