What Date Start-End Location
CANCELED: Holy Diver GS Friday 28. June 10:30 - 15:00 Myrkdalselvi

An extreme kayaking race comprised of multiple giant slalom gates through the last 2 major class IV+ – V rapids of the classic lower Myrkdalselva. Friday June 28, 10:30 – 15:00 for spectators.  (Racers need to be present for meeting at 10:00)


Last 2 rapids of the lower Myrkdalselvi in Myrkdalen approx. 25 mins drive from Voss. Race course is visible upstream of the road bridge. Spectators and competitors should use the river right (lookers left) side for viewing as well as hiking their boats the start.


Parking at Myrkdalen Camping which is on the left just before the road bridge crossing the Myrkdalselva. PARKING IS LIMITED TO PLEASE RIDESHARE.


A timed kayak race starting above the ‘dam drop’ where paddlers will pass through multiple upstream and downstream slalom gates before passing through the Holy Diver rapid and finishing downstream. If a racer hits a gate they will face a two second penalty, missed gates will add fifty seconds to their final time. Athletes will get two runs, and the better time will be kept for their final score.


The top 25 male and top 5 female paddlers from the previous day`s Brandseth downhill will be eligible to participate. An eligible paddler from the Brandseth downhill may also choose not to participate however their spot will not be filled by a lower placing paddler.


Every athlete competing is required to attend a safety briefing before race and have paddled the course . The boat length is restricted to 275cm (9 ft). Boat materials are limited to production plastic or composite . Each paddler must have a helmet and sufficient coldwater paddling gear and will wait in the eddy at the bottom of the course until another competitor replaces them. Saftey teams with throwbags will also be in place at key parts to the race course.