Race Format Voss whitewater Grand Prix



Part 1 “Mass Start”:

Date Thursday 29th of June 09.30 a.m.

Location: Upper stranda

GPS coordinates: Mass start put-in: 60.763145,6.491353

GPS coordinates:Mas start take out: 60.756331,6.496555

Description & rules:

The course will be grade 3 with few rapids grade 4 (Length between 1,5 and 3 km). All kayakers start together from the water.

The start will be given from a flat area. Description of the starting process:

Two paddlers wearing distinctive bibs will paddle downstream. They will be called the “safety car”.

A starting area between two lines across the river will be called the “starting area”.

Another line a few 100 m upstream will be set up as well the area between this line and the first line of the “starting area” will be called the “pre-starting area”.

The safety car (the two paddlers) will start from the beginning of the pre-starting area. From this point you can follow the safety car downstream without passing them- You can eddy out in order to join the crew and start paddling when you are after the safety car.

When you are in the starting area you are not allowed to be in the front of the safety car anymore.

At some point while the safety car is paddling inside the starting area the start signal will be given (a shot). From this point, it´s alloyed to start sprinting and take over the safety car.

The finish line will be a banner to touch with your hand. The banner will be on the left side of the river, in the pool after the last rapid before the bus stop.

  • Only contact boat to boat is alloyed.
  • Is not allowed to touch another paddler's body on purpose with your boat paddle or any part of your anatomy.
  • Pushing another kayak with your hand is also forbidden.
  • Contact between the paddler and the boat will be tolerated only if they are unintentional.
  • As a general rule, anyone having dangerous comportment for the other racer will be disqualified.

The category will start as follow:

Start number 1: K1 open.(Senior) (09.30 AM)

Start number 2: K1 women (Master + Senior + Junior) + K1 open (Master + Junior) (10.00 AM)

Part 2 “Giant Slalom”:

Date Thursday 29th of June 2 p.m.

Location Lower Stranda (wilderness-camp)

Put-in: 1st put-in: normal put-in upstream of penny drop, if the racer does not feel confident starting upstream of penny drop an alternative put-in will be set up at the bottom of the waterfall. The racer going for this alternative put-in will have a 50s penalty adding to their final result.

GPS coordinates: Giant slalom (put-in and take out): 60.739067,6.490663

Description & rules:

5 to 10 gates including 1 to 2 upstream will be set up. Red gates have to be taken upstream and green gates downstream. The penalty will be 2 seconds for touch and 50s for a missing gate.

The rule in order to validate the gate will be mostly based on ICF slalom rules, for more details, you can consult their website. Some minor adaptions of standard slalom rules will be done to adapt the regulation to the creek boat. (Final rules will be presented at the mandatory meeting on Wednesday 28th).

Only one run.

At the end of the run, your penalties are added to your time and that will give the final ranking of the slalom.

Qualification ranking system:

Each racer will score points on the mass start and on the slalom with the following system:

1st place: 0 point

2nd place: 2 points.

3rd place: 3 points.

4th place: 4 points.

Point scores in the slalom and the Mass start will be added to each other and give the final ranking.
If a racer qualifies and doesn't want to compete in the final, we will give the racer next in line the spot (based on scoring/points)

Spots in the final:

8 K1 Woman. And 16 K1 Open will qualify for the final.

*The number of starting positions for the final can be raised according to the final amount of racers signed up for the race


A mandatory briefing will be given to the finalist right after the slalom results.

Date Friday 30th of June 11 a.m.

Put-in: TBA
GPS coordinates: TBA

Take-out: TBA
GPS coordinates: Final take-out: TBA

Rules and description:

A ramp will be set up at the put-in. Timing/the clock will be stopped in the pool after the waterfall. The racer in the start won´t be able to start until the course is cleared and we have an official go from the safety crew.

All the racers have to wait in the arrival pool in order to provide safety for the next racer.

Prize giving ceremony

Podium from the final will be call on stage on Friday evening after today´s video.

Prize money (for booth Open and Women category.):

  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place