What Date Start-End Location
Freestyle clinic Monday 25. June 12:00 - 16:00 Bømoen Leir
Boof clinic/play the river Tuesday 26. June 11:00 - 14:00 Bømoen Leir
How to paddle fast Wednesday 27. June 12:00 - 16:00 Bømoen Leir
Entries for Freestyle clinic Entries for Boof clinic/play the river Entries for How to paddle fast

Monday 25th of June: “Freestyle clinic” – learn how to throw some ends and maybe a loop or two from some of the best freestyle kayakers in Norway. Bonus – better boat control, better control when surfing a hole or wave and plenty of rolling practice. 

Where to meet:

Kayak center at Bømoen 12 PM.

Tuesday 26th of June: “Boof-clinic/Play the river”– Depending on water levels. If the levels are right we do a boofing clinic on an easy drop. If the levels are not ideal for boofing we work on getting the most out of every kayaking trip by exploring the possibilities to become a better paddler on easy whitewater – surfing, s-moves, boofs, etc. 

Where to meet:

Kayak center at Bømoen 11 PM.

Wednesday 27th of June: “How to paddle fast”

Learn how to paddle faster – race training for Brandseth and H2H on easy whitewater. 

Where to meet:

Kayak center at Bømoen 12 PM

Please note!

You need to bring your own equipment to these clinics

You need a solid roll to participate

10 spots pr clinic

Online registration