Head of Longboarding

Einar Kvam

DHSK Norwegian Cup

The race will be held on Skjervet, a winding road nestled among the imposing mountains surrounded by magnificent nature. We will skate past soaring cliffs across a bridge past a spectacular waterfall and wind our way down to the valley floor. This is a hill that practically anyone can ride, but will still have to fight hard for the win.

But for those who want the facts: a tight kick-off, technical S turns, sweeping S turns and those straights that you know picking the correct line will make your day. This is a hill that almost anyone can ride, but still challenging to win.


In sports without a federation, or where this is not decided or clear, Ekstremsportveko will at all times rely on its principles and values. That is why Ekstremsportveko condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ekstremsportveko excludes Russia and Belarus from organized sports competitions, championships and cups. Athletes and guests from these countries can participate in Ekstremsportveko outside of organized competitions, championships and cups, where one does not represent Russia or Belarus. The exclusion does not apply to athletes under 18 years of age (junior). If an athlete chooses to circumvent these regulations, one may be deleted from the starting list and/or the result list.