What Date Start-End Location
NC Speedtrials Wednesday 26. June 13:00 - 17:00 Skjervet
NC Finals Thursday 27. June 12:00 - 16:30 Skjervet
Entries for NC Speedtrials

The race will be held on Skjervet, a winding road nestled amoung the imposing mountains surrounded by magnificient nature. We will skate past soaring cliffs across a bridge past a spectacular waterfall and wind our way down to the valley floor. This is a hill that practically anyone can ride, but will still have to fight hard for the win.

But for those who want the facts: a tight kick off, technical S turns, sweeping S turns and those straights that you know picking the correct line will make your day. This is a hill that almost anyone can ride, but still challenging to win.

As this is more of an official race there will have to be leathers and a full face helmet to ride this race. This only goes for those who participate in the race, the rest can ride between heats and during warm ups with helmets, kneepads and gloves.

Downhill skateboarding and luge racing is a hazardous activity with inherent risks of serious personal injury, disability and death. It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to appropriately wear their safety equipment for their event


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Leather suit


Fullface helmet